A Girl Stood By When You Had Nothing, Another Helped You Become Somebody, Who Will You Marry?


Social media has been abuzz with responses from readers who responded to a post on Facebook about who would a man marry between two girls who had contributed differently to a his life.

The post was made by Mwebantu on its verified Facebook page. In the post, the question was asked "Between a girl who stood by you when you had nothing and a girl who helped you become somebody, who will you marry?"

The topic was really an interesting one given the kind of response it generated from followers and readers of the page. The topic soon turn to a tirade as they were counter responses to the response of some people. 

Though marriage is a serious union between a man and a woman however, a man is vested with the sole responsibility of paying for the dowry of his woman. It is therefore pertinent for him to choose appropriately in order to avoid problems in the marriage.

Screenshots of the comments from people is provided below. Please drop your own comments about the issue.

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