A Man Causes Drama by Demolishing House he Built For His Girlfriend's Family


Recently, the nation has been witnessing serious issues resulting from failing relationships where some end up hurting or even taking the lives of others, but this case from Bungoma is funny in its way.

Following a video that is going around on the internet, a man informed to be from Western Bungoma has taken a serious step to demolition and destroy a house that he constructed for his girlfriend's family after rejecting his marriage proposal.

He decided to reclaim the properties that he had invested his resources in after realizing that there is no relationship between him and the girlfriend's family since their marriage could be the only bridge connecting them.

His action involves a lot of courage to decide to waste his resources since if it were for other people they could have opted to ask for compensation for the amount he used instead of taking the house down where everyone loses.

Putting yourself in his shoes, what would you opt to do in this case?

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