"Can You Imagine? He Tried To Kiss Me, I Said No & He Didnt Even Bother Again If I'd Change My Mind" - Tolu and Femi's love story

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The excitement of getting to find that special person you would spend the rest of your life with, is one big deal for every intending couple.

Here's a gradual yet very beautiful love journey between two friends who grew into eachother as the years went by.

For Tolu and Femi, it wasn't exactly a love at fight sight love story.

According to Tolu, he met Femi in 2016 at Bowling Green University on Nigeria's Independence Day when a friend requested I hung out at Femi's place in Ohio. Unknowingly to me, that date marked the beginning of out forever.

Again, I met him at another hang out where I truly admired how hillarious he was, which still remains my favorite part of him till date.

As fate will have it, he texted me about 6 months later that he work was bringing him to Texas where I lived and I was all excited that atleast I had someone I could hang out with. That was the point stranger's turned friends for us.

Femi really made me comfortable throughout our friendship, he would tell people how he admired the fact that I was really hardworking and selfless.

He would let me sleep on the bed while he stuff up in the living room couch and never for once did he compromise his gentlemanliness. Sadly, after awhile he had to move back to Maryland for work. By then we had established a bond and kept in touch.

March 2019, I asked Femi to be my date at a wedding he was attending as well. As luck will have it we were suppose to reserve a Airbnb with my friends but all cancelled last minute. Little did I know God was trying to bring us closer to our destiny.

So, Femi decided to book a hotel suit for just the 2 of us. That night, he tried to kiss me bit I said no...he didn't even try again, he just went to bed jeje. He made no further attempt while I was playing hard to get.

Eventually, during the wedding Femi confessed his feelings for me and then I realised he was the Man for me and we started dating.

Do you think Tolu and Femi overstretched, and could have hooked up long before they did? Please share your comments below.

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