Shaka Zulu Wins "Ghana's Strongest" Competition For The Third Time. See Photos


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Damian Smith a.k.a Shaka Zulu has emerged as the winner for this year's edition of Ghana's Strongest competition. Shaka Zulu, the winner for this year's edition dubbed "champion of the champions" has set a record of claiming the title for the third time.

The venue for the grand finale took place at the Eli beach at Accra this evening starting at 3:00 pm. The grand finale consisted of four final contestants who includes; Shaka Zulu, Ahmed Boagye, Prosper Dakota and Bright Appiah.

All fans of each of the contestants were cheering their favourite participants but the love Shaka Zulu had from the supporters was overwhelming.

The four contestants went through several stages of the competition to showcase their strength. They include; Truck head pull, Giant Tyre flip, Keg toss and The weight medley. At the end of it all, it was obvious that Shaka Zulu should be awarded as the winner as he led them in almost all the stages.

Shaka Zulu winning package consisted of a car, title belt, ghc10,000 cash and bragging rights. Prosper Dakota emerged as the 1st runner up. Ahmed Boagye, the former winner couldn't retain his title as he took the 2nd runner up position.