Residents of Brits should beware of Doreen Ave, A domestic worker had a terrifying experience Today

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A man who goes by the name Corlia Van Deventer issued a statement warning people living in Brits to avoid walking through an open field at Doreen Avenue after a terrifying incident that happened this morning.

According to Corlia Van Deventer's Facebook statement, earlier today 6 December 2021 at around 08:10 am a domestic worker was crossing an open field at Doreen Avenue on her way to her employer's house, a tall man suddenly appeared behind her and started chasing after her, the domestic worker clutched her handbag and started running desperately to her employer's house.

Luckily domestic worker managed to outrun the man, he stopped and watched her from across the road as she entered her employer's residence, the alerted her employer and they went searching around the area but the man was nowhere to be found, police were called called to the scene and she gave them her statement.

She described described the man as tall, wore a hat, brown pants and black jacket, people are urged to avoid passing through the open field on Doreen Avenue, especially small children who go to school in the morning and women who walk to their place of employment.


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