Virgin at 36:Women Run When They See My Tiny 4-5

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A 36 year old man is struggling to get a partner as women always leave him. Ladies always drop him like a hot potato after they see his tiny weeny 4-5.

The man who hails from Eden Park in Eastrand is looking for help to enlarge his member. He said that he has spent a lot of money but nothing has materialized so far. He has spent around R5000 with no results.

He told the daily Sun that he has given up on love. He no longer asks women out because it always ends in tears. He stays indoors alone now and has stopped mingling with others.

He said that he locks himself up in his room all the time. He sometimes meets ladies who are willing to go home with him but after seeing his member they reject him and he is tired of it.

His friends know about his problem and try to help him keep his confidence up. He once got in a serious relationship for 5 months but the woman disappeared after she saw his 4-5.

He would not allow the woman to touch him and would tell her they need to wait for the right time. She was tired of waiting so he decided to finally do it and she was shocked when he took off his clothes. She asked if he was disabled?

She acted like she didn't mind but that was the last day he saw her. She went on to block him. His brother said that they have also tried everything possible without help. They were also scammed by people who promised to help them but vanished with their money.

A friend said that he encourages him to be confident. Some men have small 4-5's and are living a happy life with their wives so he shouldn't give up. He will find the right partner who doesn't mind his size.


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