Soludo Meets His Teacher Who Taught Him In Primary Three

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Chukwuma Soludo, the executive Governor of Anambra State meets his teacher, Dr. Angela Mebirin who taught him when he was in primary three in Enugu.

She hails from Mbaise in Imo State and had lived with Soludo in the same neighborhood during their days at Nigercem quarters, Enugu.

Mebirim is described as an exceptional student as he never failed anything. He was extremely brilliant in class. She is happy that she came to visit him and it is an honor.

She is grateful to God for elevating him to this position. She did not know that she will live to witness this kind of privilege. 

The former teacher of the governor commended him for the ongoing online recruitment of teachers in the state. Also, the transparency shown in employing teachers in the state is commendable and God bless him, she added.

Soludo who was pleased to receive his primary school teacher showered praise on her and all teachers for the great jobs they are doing.

He remembered all his teachers as he urged others not to forget their teachers. He has heard many people saying that teachers' rewards are in heaven but that should not be the case.

They have to enjoy some incentives here on earth as that's the joy of being a teacher.

He welcomed her wholeheartedly. Teachers should be accorded with high respect and regard at all times because they remain at the center of almost everything that makes the world go round.

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