World Popular leader hospitalized


With recent cases of some popular leaders in the country and around the World being admitted to various specialist hospitals. Succumbly others as a result of heart compilations,high blood pressure,low sugar, COVID-19 among other conditions and diseases.

Reports coming in that Pope Francis, the World's Catholic leader has been hospitalized in Gemeli hospital,Rome. Apparently from CNN News, Pope Francis is said to have been admitted and undergoing a surgery after a long illness with colon diverticulitis.

The Pope is Globally known and recognized for continued bringing of peace across the World with encouragement of maintenance of peace and the love for one another with upholding christian values and unity.

"Pope Francis is undergoing a scheduled surgery for "colon diverticulitis," a vatican spokesman says," as from a tweet on the CNN news page.

Also know as colonic diverticulitis is an inflammation or infection in one or more small pouches in the digestive tract more common after the age of 40. This condition requires a medical diagnosis and also lab tests or imaging. It's short-term because it resolves from days to weeks.

Continue praying for him for a quick recovery to continue preaching peace and uniting all people.