Chelsea captain journey since his arrival, A true leader he is

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Aziplicueta joined Chelsea from Lille in 2012,when he joined Chelsea in 2012 for around £7 million, nobody would have expected him to have the impact that he has had on Chelsea in the decade that he has been here. It is only through hard work and 100% professionalism that he has managed to achieve what he has at Chelsea, ever since he was shifted to Left-Back early on and dethroned the GOAT LB, Ashley Cole, I knew Azpi would be special.

His hard work and commitment to the team stands out in every performance. He never drops below a 7/10 and has been one of the most consistent players in the Premier League this decade. Over time, Azpi has taken over a leadership role at the club and is constantly supporting the younger players, helping them integrate into the first team, and has very openly supported the women’s team as well on many occasions.

He lives and breathes Chelsea, and not for one moment has he been rumoured to leave the clubs. As Tuchel said, he epitomises what the word ‘professional’ means. And as a manager and fan, you can always be assured that whenever Azpi is on the pitch, you will have a captain that is willing to put the team before themselves

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