Two Clubs successfully withdraw from the European Super League

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The Premier League leading Champions, Manchester City has become the first club to officially announce their withdrawal from the suggested European Super League.

According to BBC news, "Manchester City FC can confirm that the club has formally make bills leading to the procedures to withdraw from the European Super League (ESL) club stated.

This bold decision has encouraged Chelsea football club to also take decision to follow Manchester City to help revive football.

Also, Ed Woodward the CEC for Manchester united has resigned from his role as the club's executive vice chairman as a result of the club taking part of the ESL.

In a press, the president for Uefa, Aleksander said he was happy to see City back into the European football family and he warmly welcome them.

He continued to thank the club for it great decision as the club listened to his members and fans.

This has been a great news to football.

Congrats City.

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