2 Days into Ramadan: Alhaji found dead in his own apartment in Kumasi.


It is only two days into the Ramadan festivity or fasting. Alhaji was found dead in his own apartment in Kumasi Today.

Today is 15th April 2021 and it is another wonderful encounter with Kofi Adomaa and his crew on Angel News live on Angel TV in Ghana.

There are a lot of news headlines which was showcased by Kofi Adomaa and his crew. However, the one we bring to you is the death of Alhaji which occurred in Kumasi at Yennyawoso.

According to the report, Alhaji is popularly known within the territories in Yennyawoso in Ashanti Region Kumasi. Howeverz life seems to be challenging for him. He always struggle to find something to eat.

The people of Yennyawoso also confirmed that, Alhaji sometimes threatens them with suicide statements. Saying " I am not worth living, i even wish an dead and gone for my problems to also end".

It was as a result of this issues, Alhaji was found dead in his own apartment as people are of the great view that, Alhaji Committed suicide. This is because, 6 bottles of alcohol was found beside his dead body with other drugs 💊 which indicates he committed suicide. However, the police are investigating the case as his body was sent to Okomfo Anokye teaching hospital.


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