Some leadership principles to learn from an eagle

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Welcome to another article of mine. Today’s post is based on a different, but new topic I would love you all to check out. It is based on a post by Dennis Lighare and would want to share with you all. According to “an eagle has a spiritual meaning which includes loyalty, devotion and honor”. 

Did you know that you can learn some interesting leadership principles from an eagle? Not just a leader but anyone out there who can really use these principles. I have gathered a few you can all check out:

1. Eagles have excellent visions:

When eagles focus on a prey, no matter the circumstances, it would do everything in their might to grab it. The lesson here to be learnt is that sometimes obstacles beyond control may come your way as a leader but with focus and great vision, success awaits you out there. 

2. Eagles love to eat fresh preys and not dead ones:

When an eagle spots a dead prey, it by passes it without another thought. Here, what we can grab from this is that don’t waste your energy focusing on the past and trying to change what cannot be undone. Instead, let go and have a fresh start to conquer all the opportunities out there waiting for you.

3. Eagles love the storm:

Did you know that eagles get excited when they see the clouds gather? It enables them lift themselves higher and welcomes the challenges the storm may bring since it is able to rest its wings. What can be learnt from this is that challenges must be faced with your head up high and find ways and means to make it profitable and beneficial to you. Within  challenges there are amazing opportunities, you just have to get to know. This in turn would make you stronger and end up learning new skills.

4. Eagles fly alone:

Eagles don’t associate themselves with other small birds such as the sparrows and ravens, instead the fly with one another. It is not everyone you need to be friends with. There are some people out there looking for ways to bring you down. Stay away from naysayers and negative people. Find where you belong and stay there. Be with people who can help you grow. You’ve got a dream! Own it!

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Image credit to: BBC Wildlife Magazine

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