8 Awesome Tricks to Clean Your Home without Chemicals


Removing rust on the floor

There are mixtures of some kitchen substances you can use, vinegar which is lemon and baking soda or sodium bicarbonate which is used in baking. When you mix the two and apply the mixture on the floor and leave it for a few minute before wiping with clean water, your floor will be shining

Removing dirt and mud stains

There are two ways you can get dirt out of your window spotlessly. The first one is to use a raw potato where you rub it on the window then you wipe the liquid using a clean soft piece of towel. Another way is to combine one part of ammonia with 10 parts of water and use the mixture to clean your window with a soft piece of cloth

Making the floor shine

To make your hardwood floor shine and look new, just mix ¼ of vinegar with water and use the mixture to clean the floor and if the floor is those tiled ones, boil some warm water and make the mixture for cleaning the floor.

Making your mirrors shine

First before doing anything else, you should degrease your windows thoroughly to make sure they are clean, to make them shine just take the solution we used to make to clean windows and add two tablespoon of alcohol and begin to wipe

How to clean a chopping board

This method will help you clean and disinfect the chopping board effectively, first take lemon and cut it into two. Rub one half all over the chopping board with the cut side, sprinkle with coarse salt and leave it for 10 minute. Then using the other half of the lemon, scour the surface again and clean with warm water.

Getting rid of bad smell from the refrigerator

There are various reasons why a refrigerator may emit bad smell. To get rid of this smell just use equal parts of a lemon when cleaning the refrigerator and also you can add some baking soda to the solution to make it easy for you to remove dirt

Cleaning shower doors and tiles

Baking soda and lemon are the most used reagents in cleaning; here you can use them to remove mildew and waters stains from glass. Dip a tooth brush into this solution and scrub the tiles and then wipe it clean. You can repeat this process once a week

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