Young teachers are living their best soft life, have you noticed?

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The new generation of professional teachers are living their best lives and showing it to the world.

Long ago Teaching professional was known as a lousy career people would mock or laugh at you for choosing to take such career path, but today things have changed more and more people are enrolling for that profession, why now?

People realized that teaching is one of the safest career in a long run. When you have proper self discipline it will take you far and you can improve your life and parents home without any stress.

It has been brought to lite that a teaching career needs planing and understanding the environment you are working on and also understanding children too, young teachers take responsibility and they adhere to rules than the old teachers.

In the older generation made a teaching profession look boring and not organised but the new teachers are game changers and they are an inspiration to the world as they are making people to fall inlove with teaching profession.

Lindo mpshina said that "I have noticed, and they have became young HODs and principal of the school too, this 90s they motivate us to do better shame."

"The old ones made that profession to look monotonous and dull, these ones are making it to look vibrant and enjoyable, and they relate to recent learning processes because they experienced that recently," she said.

Not only about enjoying life, but new teachers are responsible and they are not risking on putting their lives under stress due to debts or taking their problems to affect their profession.

"Yes, and I like what the new generation of teachers are showing us that the profession is no longer about sinking in debt and struggling to afford to spoil yourself." said Malibongwe Ngwena.

"I feel like teachers should be earning a lot 🥲🥲 Even in my country. doing the education course makes u look stupid. They mock that profession but they are harvesting good results shame." he said.

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