Have a look at some funny WhatsApp statuses that will make your day


Thank you so much for clicking on this article. Feeling sad? Thank you readers and followers for your support so far. Haven’t laughed in a long while? Don’t worry, I got you covered. Say “No” to depression as you scroll down these funny WhatsApp statuses and as usual, I hope you enjoy while doing so. Kindly hit the follow button for more updates, anytime I post and don’t forget to feel free to comment below about your thoughts and what you expect. Don’t be unhappy. I know that life’s challenges would hit you to the core, to the point of no return. One thing I know is that, you do have a choice to make, to either fight depression or let it consume you.

Thank you for scrolling down. Which one was your favourite? Please don’t forget to share across all your social media platforms and hope one makes you smile to release tension and reduce your sadness. 

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