Two Ways Bella Shmurda's Deportation From Ghana May Start Affecting His Musical Growth

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Nigerian singer, Bella Shmurda, was reportedly deported from Ghana over his actions towards a medical doctor and his musical growth may suffer as a result.

Photo credit: Bella Shmurda/Twitter

Emerging reports suggest that the fast-rising musician was deported by an Accra court after he allegedly attacked a medical doctor with a fork while he was being quarantined.

It is believed that his deportation from the West African country may have a negative impact on his budding musical career in several ways.

One of the ways in which Bella Shmurda's deportation from Ghana may affect his musical career is as it concerns going on international shows.

Photo credit: Bella Shmurda/Twitter

The fast-rising musical may no longer be receiving invitations to perform in other countries due to his deportation from Ghana over his attack on a medical doctor.

This is because other countries may be very wary of inviting an artist who has exhibited some violent actions towards the citizen of a host country who was just doing his job.

In addition, some countries that take adherence to Covid-19 preventive measures seriously may not welcome an artist who tried to break Covid-19 protocols by attacking a doctor.

Secondly, Bella Shmurda's deportation from Ghana may have an impact on his finances and his growing fan base in Ghana.

Photo credit: Bella Shmurda/Twitter

This is because the artist has been ordered not to return to Ghana for some time as punishment for his actions in the West African country.

Consequently, the artist may lose some revenue that may have accrued if he had been free to visit Ghana to perform in live shows for his growing fan base in Ghana.

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