Parenting is a skill.

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Have you every asked yourself how your parents made everything seem so easy as being parents, why they complained less and made sure everything is well however even though they were little disagreements here and there but they always made you feel wanted and loved.

Parenting requires emotional readiness, financial readiness and physically readiness to adapt to the change of life as it introduces you to parenthood.

Time management is a challenge more especially when you are working having back to back meetings and more commitments, this makes it difficult to be with your children 24/7 but ensure with all the free time you get, spend it with them. How nice is it to randomly get a call from your loved one letting you know they're thinking about you and they thought they should check up on you. Normalize randomly checking up on your children through phone calls, vidoe calling or even a text message nothing beats feeling important and loved by your parents.

If you had difficulties while growing up, be the parent you needed as a child, to your children. Become the change you wish to see on parents, remain a good role model to your children.

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