10 Amazing facts you probably do not know

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After careful observation and personal research, I have been able to gather these ten facts specially for you. Please enjoy and share your thoughts.

1. While walking, you can't swing your hands faster than you move your legs. I dare you give it a try.

2. A single kick from an a adult male giraffe can kill a lion.

Photo credit: dailymail.co.uk

3. The distance between Saturn and Uranus is farther than the distance between the sun and saturn. Just don't mind the images you see around.

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4. You can't personally strangle or choke yourself to the point of unconsciousness, because the more closer you are to lose consciousness, the more weaker you would be to finish the job.

5. Snails have teeth.

6. Despite Usain Bolt being the fastest person of earth, he can barely outrun a wild boar. So keep off from animal's zone.

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7. You can't sneeze with your eyes open.

8. Earth worms don't dig through the soil, they just eat them as they move along.

9. A black hole around the size of a golf ball would be heavier than Earth. XTE J1650-500 the smallest black hole ever found is more than three times more massive than our entire solar system.

Photo credit: space.com

10. A scorpion sting, though very painful, can't normally kill a healthy human. They are only exergerated in places where they are not common, so don't panic. You should seek medical attention if Stung, and scorpions are no you friend.

Photo credit: insectcop.net

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