'Life Is A Journey And Race Is Against Poverty' Jalang'o Reminds His Fans With A Throwback Picture.

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Jalang'o is one of the most influential celebrities in Kenya. He shared a throwback photo where he take back in 2006 while he was struggling. The photo reminds his fans that life is a journey and there is no shortcut for one to reach his/her destiny. It needs determination, hardwork and Patience. The well known comedian reminds also his fans to remember the race is against poverty.

He is a radio presenter, comedian,master of ceremony and and TV host. He is a father of two got married with Amina Chao. He is most instrumental TV host among celebrities. The well known comedian has touches life of many youth in Kenya.

According to news covered by tuko Jalang'o shared his oldest photo where he take while he was still struggling artiste. It was a humble beginning for him and it ended in praise. He reminds his fans that race is against poverty.

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