Motorists Using Mombasa Road Suffer A Huge Blow As Diversion Become Impassable Due To This


Drivers who use Mombasa road are experiencing a serious traffic congestion after they are only left with two lanes out of the city to use. This is after a diversion they were using was closed down after a huge water pipe bursted creating a depression full of mud.

This had rendered the road Impassable and all vehicles are now being forced to make access to the main road whose section is closed to give way for the ongoing express way construction.

(Photo: courtesy. A bursted sewage pipe along Mombasa road)

Currently the situation is bad with congestion streaching as far as the roundabout at Nyayo stadium. Traffic police are in the ground to help control traffic but nothing seem to help as the number of vehicles leaving the city at this peak hour of the evening are usually high.

There is a high likelihood of drivers being caught in traffic by 10 pm when curfew starts within Nairobi and other counties in the country. Creation of more diversions is the only way to help curb the traffic as the country await for the opening of the expressway which will act as a relief.