Kofi Adoma Nwanwani: Though Sometimes You are not Happy, yet You have to make others Happy


Kofi Adoma Nwanwani's Birthday Message: Even though Sometimes You are not Happy, yet You have to make Others Happy

Kofi Adoma Nwanwani known in private life as Stephen Kofi Adoma is a renowned Ghanaian journalist, a Teacher and Philanthropist. 

He currently works as the director of news for the Angel Broadcasting Network. He is also the founder and CEO of Kofi TV. He was born in Berekum in the Ashanti region. 

Kofi started his career as a trained teacher in Ghana. After few years of teaching he developed interest in journalism of which he started his first radio hosting at Shalom Radio in Berekum, then to Volta Star Radio (GBC Ho), Fox FM in Kumasi then to Hot FM in Accra.

He later joined Adom FM and Adom TV of the Multimedia Group Ltd as the lead News Anchor of their 6pm Evening News.

 In his 10 years experience with Multimedia Group Limited, he served as the host of Pampaso, editor and producer of Adom Kasee and a standby host of Dwaso Nsem. 

While working with Multimedia Group, he started his own network called Kofi TV, a YouTube channel he uses to interview politicians, pastors and celebrities.

In 2020, he joined Angel FM after two years of parting ways with Adom FM. He is currently the lead news anchor at Angel FM. 

Kofi Adoma Nwanwani who was born on the 20th of July, as he celebrated his birthday yesterday. 

Though his exact age is not known, he's believed to be in his early 40s.

As he celebrated his birthday, he shared an interesting birthday message that caught my attention. 

He wrote "there are times that you have to make people happy but you are not happy. You keep the face and focus and tell yourself, Keep Going. Life indeed is a war 'Obra Ye Oko'. 

I am a soldier and I shall keep fighting".

It is a notion out there that TV personalities have an enjoyable life and live an enviable lifestyle. 

They have the exposure and can therefore do 'everything' they planned to do. 

Though there is an element of Truth in this assertion however, there is a huge price these media personalities have to pay for as they enjoy some of these opportunities. 

Could one of the price be what Kofi Adoma Nwanwani is talking about? 

Psychologically, there are times in everyone's life where one wish to be by himself or herself. 

However, as a Media Practioner, you are compelled to keep up appearances. 

No one would want to watch a news presenter or a host looking all pale and dull. 

No matter how stressed or worn out you are, you can't let it show. 

You must at all costs make your presentation lively by being lively yourself in order to acttract the attention of your audience. 

You must exude a certain level of energy and be charismatic in your presentation. 

Most importantly you must be Abreast with current happenings in your area of specialty. 

This is why as a Journalist or a media person, you most be able to intrinsically motivate yourself and look at the brighter or positive part of every situation in order to make your audience always happy to see you. 

Also, it is important for employers to engage a Psychologist who would intermittently offer counseling services to help them in any case when they need one.

Journalist, apart from the physical assault they sometimes go through, they suffer emotionally as well, which is even more dangerous. 

The hazard of their work coupled with their personal or marital issues will certainly have impact on their work. 

Ghana was ranked 22nd on the 2015 World Press Freedom, which placed the country in the “free” category (Reporters Without Borders, 2015). 

But by the close of the Year 2016, Ghana’s media freedom status worsened to 26th in the same ranking index. 

Furthermore, in a compilation of freedom of expression (FoE) violations such as arrests, attacks and threats, fines, and imprisonment among 16 countries in West Africa in the first quarter of 2014, Ghana recorded the highest cases (eight) of the 25 overall media violations. 

This prompted the MFWA to issue a statement about the growing spate of attacks and harassment on media practitioners . 

The Journalism profession is a noble one but one must be passionate enough to endure all the challenges it comes with. 

Let us protect our journalists. 

Their emotional stability and welfare matters. 

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