Vice Chancellor of UEW Expresses Disappointment Over Fake Trending Reopening Date

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The Vice Chancellor of UEW, Anthony Afful-Broni is greatly disappointed in persons involved in spreading fake news about the University's reopening date.

Par the news continuing students in the University have come across, "UEW is slated for a full reopening on 28th September, 2020 for the 2020/21 Academic year" which approaches within the coming weeks without any proper verification.

According to initial source, the information was put out by unknown persons tagged as "big Wings" within the University's corridors and had continued to circulate throughout the university's campuses and online commniques bringing confusion into the midst students.

An immediate response was recieved after it was shared in one of the School's WhatsApp Groups belonging to Level 100 Catholic students and the message suddenly drew the attention of UEW Vice Chancellor, Rev. Fr. Prof. Anthony Afful-Broni added as a group member, he however disregarded the message as "total nonsense" before any curious student would think of complying with it.

His additional response also refuted the message as annoying and not original since there's not verifiable source of proof on what it states. Prof Afful-Broni further lamented on the message calling out " those self-styled journalist as bad writers."

And on a justifiable course, a visit to the university's official website confrimed that there's no such information that had been put out by the school's registrar to resume academic work on 28th September, therefore students must ignore all similar informants as the university is currently looking forward to conduct it's 25th Virtual Graduation sooner.

You are hereby advised to Let lying Dogs lie and continue to visit the school official website to confirm any news you come across on UEW reopening dates.

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