Tough Things For Martha Karua As They Receive Bad News From Kirinyaga Residents

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Leaders are reforming in an effort to create a unified front in front of the general elections in 2022 as a battle for the presidency sweeps the country. Millions of Kenyans are fed up with their current leaders and want new ones who will improve conditions instead of making them worse.

Kenyans are eagerly expecting what would happen once President Uhuru Kenyatta leaves office in 2022 because of the excellent work he has accomplished around the nation. President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto shook hands after the turbulent 2017 elections, which left the nation divided and saw some candidates promise to succeed them.

As a result, the Azimio La Umoja Team was created, which has now expanded and is making politics more challenging. The rejection of the zoning of leaders by candidates for office in Kiambu County has significantly hurt Martha Karua's campaign. Kenyans are becoming more tense as the elections approach swiftly.

This occurs at a time when political resentments are at an all-time high in all of the coalitions, and each party is looking for a way to gain a significant amount of support ahead of the general elections, which are set to take place on August 9.

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