What can you do when you see this at the toilet?😒😭

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The question is, what can you do when you see a huge snake in the hole of the toilet. Reptiles are dangerous.

You don't have to kill reptiles. It's important to try to contact the nearest reptile organisation. This fears everyone in a particular household. Because they would think of it and feel like it's hiding their toilet.

This could be a traumatic experience ever. There are snakes they say are not dangerous don't kill either. Never go close to it. Contact people who can help you rescue it.

The Twitter comments here might be helpful. Some shows how people have fear of snakes.

@Moloto Normalize using Jeyes Fluid or Diesel or crystal potassium permanganate...... into the bawl.

@Therealkruth Mara Usaya E Toilet... My Guy, Rather Not Take It Into Heart, Somebody Will Definitely Surprise You With One. Keep It To Yourself And Overcome It One Step At A Time. Not Many People Wish For You To Prosper. Just Don't Let Most Thing Out. People Take Advantage Of It.

@Ntebo Ever since watching snakes on the plane first attack to that guy who went to the toilet and got bitten in the, haiiii I don't even put my bum on the seat kea tonosa and watch whats about to come from that hole because wow.

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