Check out New Photos of Ricca Pokot; DJ Piera Makena Daughter, isn't she cute and adorable

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"I am so proud of my life as a single parent" DJ piera Makena says.

DJ piera a single mum feels that raising a a child is not hard as many people perceive, she feels that being single parent has made her more independent, hardworking and super hero.

She further states that many people feels that raising a kid alone maybe be disasterous but now she had learned that it is very easy to raise a child alone.

According to her many people find it difficult to bring up their child alone due to panic and feeling that they can't do it without a man yet they are strong and capable.

She is proud as a mother and in that case a single parent to her daughter who turned 4 years 6 days ago.

DJ piera Makena shared cute photos of her four years old daughter Ricca Pokot, it is clear that her daughter has grown really so fast And is looking cute and adorable.

DJ piera Makena encourages all single parent not to panic when they are left behind by their baby daddies.

Piera believe that a man does not hold a key to her happiness and success and that many things in life happens but you shouldn't give to move on.


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