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Since Zuchu was spotted on a romantic date with the big boy Diamond Platinumz, the internet has never known peacešŸ˜…. Even after Zuchu denied that she isn't dating him, netizens aren't satisfied and want her to reveal who the lucky guy is. According to her latest posts, she is in a happy and promising relationship.

Earlier, she sparked mixed reactions after telling her fans to stop comparing her giant teddy bear to normal dolls. She added that her boyfriend who had gifted her the bear doesn't like when they do so.

Cyber Citizens felt she was being childish and asked her to concentrate on her music career before she starts losing fans. Seems she is taking advantage of the current situation to chase clout right? Maybe she loves trending.

Anyway, people should let her enjoy love because she had revealed that she was single for two years. Work without play makes Zuchu a dull girl.

Zuchu whose real name is Zuhura Othman Sound, is a Tanzanian singer and songwriter born in Zanzibar and currently based in Dar es Salaam and signed to WCB Wasafi record label.

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