Kenyan sprinter Mark Otieno fails a Doping Test At Olympics

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The Kenyan Olympic sprinter Mark Otieno fails at the doping tests in the ongoing Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.

Mark Otieno born on 11 may 1993 aged 28 in kajiado county has a natural talent which he has worked on and made it his profession. He has participated in many word wide marathons to name a few, he has completed in the mens' 100 meters at the 2017 world championship in athlete and the 2020 , 100 splinter was set to participate in heat four of men's 100m starting at 1:45 pm he has season best time of 10.05 seconds and only three men are ahead of him.

However Team Kenya has requested for sample B analysis since mark has claimed innocent and is very set for the task ahead of him.

They suspect that the samples were contaminated in the laboratory and meant to disqualify him to the championship panel hence appealing for intervention.

Kenyans expect the result B analysis to go well and smoothly. We have hopes that he shall overcome and maneouver the olympics .

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