Why Pregnant Women Crave Eating Stones


Some pregnant women can develop a strong, even urgent desire for something tasty to eat. This craving is not at all like normal hunger. It could be for baked goods, sweets like chocolate, or even something with an acidic taste. In Kenya, it is common to see pregnant women satisfying a craving by eating stones. This stones are known locally as Odowa and come from quarries and traditionally sold at roadside stands. The condition is known as Pica, an eating disorder which leads to cravings of non food items. It usually happens when you get unusual cravings to eat things that are not food, such as ice or cray. It may be a sign of inadequate nutritional intake. Pica is more common in pregnant women because their body has increased nutritional needs.

In Uganda, Brenda Naggita has the condition, and while pregnant she likes to eat rocks to help with her nausea Pica can also affect children and people with mental disorders.

Here is how you an avoid eating stones

1. Stay hydrated

2. Eating food rich in calcium.

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