Sad: University of Embu in Mourning


University of Embu have lost one it's students who was brutally murdered in Meru on Wednesday.

The death of Roy is still under investigation, the person behind his death is not yet known.

Roy is a third year student persuing Bachelor of Education Arts. He is well known in the school because of his cleaveness in the swahili language.

Roy was working on his two books,which he had already written and the only remaining task was publishing of the materials.

The students say that Roy was a very polite student and was known because of his generosity.

University of Embu students could not believe that Roy was no more. The information was shocking and some said that if only they had a chance they would bring him back to life.

Most students have sent there condolences and are demanding that justice should be done. They demand that whoever did it should be arrested.

"Rest in peace Roy ,kifo hakipigi hodi,kilio umetuwachia wanafunzi wa Chuo Kikuu Cha Embu. Hatuna Budi kukuaga kwani kayapanga ni vigumu kuhimili lakini mungu kailaze roho yako pema peponi," these are the words from his coursemates.

It was really a sad incident.

May his soul rest in peace.