Furious Pastor In Distress Call Demanding the County Government of Bomet to Do the Following


Since March 2020, business in Kenya has not been as usual. Various activities were disrupted, causing more changes as the government laid down tough rules and regulations to help curb the spread of corona virus.

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This saw major social places like churches, bars, funerals, weddings and other gatherings suffering a blow after the government put stricter rules. With these measures, the pandemic doesn't seem to reduce. Various reports each day seem to beckon for more reforms and tougher rules.

Though the government banned political gatherings, politicians themselves seem to compete in impunity as they go against it. The president has been doing political gatherings. The recent campaigns between UDA and Jubilee in Kiambaa displayed how the government doesn't care. This seemed to have angered a pastor known as Gilbert Mutai in Bomet town.

In the recent celebration of Kiambaa win by the residents of Bomet led by the Governor, the pastor reprimanded the county government for banning church gatherings yet it conducts political gatherings. He has called upon other religious leaders in the county to urge the government to open churches. He however got furious when some religious leaders did not respond to his call.

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