Powerful Prayer points for Protection Against Enemy

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Use our powerful Prayers for Destroying Enemies if you want to be protected from your foes. These are the powerful Prayers that can provide you victory against your foe. 

In our lives, we all have rivals and opponents. The entire life is a race, and the person who goes first or causes others to go first wins. Not everyone has the moral foresight to avoid harming others. And we come across people like this. 

And, unfortunately for us, these individuals seek to destroy us. So, how do you handle such situations? Here are the Prayers That you should use for protection:

O Allah! you're the king's processor! I seek sanctuary from evil, from those who do not believe in me, and from those who wish to harm me. Please have mercy on me and shield me from all dangers. I am completely confident (in you).

Oh, my God! Oh, most gracious master, please empower me and give me the ability to destroy all those wrecked and terrible people who want to see me in pain. Enhance my abilities so that I have no fear of anyone and can destroy all evil forces working against me.

Thank you, God. Bless me abundantly and grant me victory over all antagonistic persons in my vicinity. I don't have any sins, and I don't want to be a sinner's victim. Give me all of the spiritual strength I need to win this battle. Ameen !!

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