People's Reaction At Prophet T B Joshua's Funeral and Photos


Prophet T.B Joshua was one of the renounced prophets found in Africa. He became very popular for the miraculous things he did.

Some of the things he was liked for are the healing of sick people through prayers and prophecies that came true.

His death happened suddenly and in a shocking manner. The cause of his death was not heard till his demise.

Today is the day he is being laid in state. Some people have already gathered to witness the rites.

People at the grounds are putting up a lot of reactions. Some of which I'll like to share with you on this noble platform.

Due to how good he was to some people, his death has left them in a sad mode. This same reactions are shown by the people during his laying in state.

Here are some photos from the grounds where he is being laid in state showing the reactions of the people.

A lot of people are seen in tears. Some of them are covering their faces with handkerchief showing how sad they are.