Unexpected: People Are So disappointed. A Lady Who Was Beaten inside the Police Station Did This

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The issue of gender-based violence is far too widespread in its scope for it to require the intervention of the police and the legal system in order to be stopped. In addition to this, it is necessary for women to take responsibility for fighting back against their abusers. There have been a great number of instances in which women who have been assaulted have gone back to the same person who abused them notwithstanding the violence. Some people even go so far as to advise others to stay out of their business, but when they are battered, they come and weep to us about how we should help them. 

A video that went viral not too long ago showed a woman being burned by hot water by her abusive husband after he accused her of having an affair; the woman went live on Facebook, telling everyone how abusive her husband was, but the next day, she posted a video of them having a good time together as if nothing had happened the day before. In the video, the woman's husband appears to be laughing and joking with her as if nothing had happened. A great number of individuals were so dismayed by her actions that they even pledged they would never again interfere in the problems that she was having with her husband. 

Recently, a video went viral showing a woman being brutally beaten by her husband inside of a police station while the authorities were present. The assault took place while the officers were present. Reports indicate that the woman went to the police station in order to file a complaint about her husband's aggressive behavior. When she arrived at the police station, the man continued to pursue her and continued to beat her inside the police station before leaving the building. People have taken to social media to criticize the police for not arresting a man who was seen on video beating a woman in front of the officers. This video has gone viral. 

Now, the police have at long last issued a statement in response to that footage. They reported that the man had been arrested, but it turned out for the best since the woman returned and stated she wanted to drop the charges against her partner. Since the woman decided not to press charges, the police had no choice but to release the man from custody. They went so far as to say that the incident didn't take place recently but rather a very long time ago. Please refer to the following statement: 

Following the publication of this, a great number of people were really dissatisfied with this woman. After everything that was stated, everyone was attempting to help her seek justice, and this is how she expressed her gratitude to them. When people say that women can occasionally have an effect on gender-based biomes, it is because they protect the people who commit the acts of violence. You may see some of the angry responses from people who use social media below. 




It's possible that there are two sides to this story. Either the man has been threatening the woman to drop the case, or the woman has decided to drop the case because she believed the man had learned his lesson and she felt sorry for him as a girlfriend. Both of these scenarios are possible. In order to put an end to Gender-Based Violence (GBV), the authorities cannot wait for the victim to report the incident before taking action. Regardless of what the woman has to say, they ought to grant the community the authority to initiate legal proceedings against an individual.Source: https://www.facebook.com/100057857221334/posts/pfbid023qCqxb1nHgXUeHY1rdf4V3wWcvhtF1Go9ZgcjEEZSjUqVvZMkxLnw9gsu5Uc6yFsl/?d=n

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