Some Ghanaian celebrities who's death caused pain in the country.


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Death is the only thing that can separate our loved ones from is very sad when someone lose his friend or family member.

Ghanaian also mourn over the deaths of our favorite celebrities always become a shock to us.

Here are some late celebrities who are always in memories .

Bishop Bernard Nyarko

He was creative, skillful and talented actor.he won the heart alot in Ghana with his comic and aggressive role he play in movies.his hurt most Ghanaian.

Nana Tuffour

Nana Tuffour,was also a Ghanaian highlife singer and songwriter. He is known for popular highlife songs such as Aketekyiwa, Abeiku and Owuo sie for and had 15 albums to his credit.

He was suffering from some illness which led him to his grave.His death hurt Ghanaian alot for losing such legend.

Kofi B

kofi B was also one of the most talented highlife musician in Ghana. He dead of heart attack after performing live at a concert in cape coast.

Ghanaian are really in sorrow for losing such souls.but they are still in memories.thanks for reading and share and leave your comments here.