Ruto Reveals He Almost Slapped Uhuru Kenyattaa in 2017

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Here is the link to the full Information on Facebook.(this information is from a verified Facebook page).

Deputy president William Ruto has continued to cause stir online by launching verbal attacks on his boss Uhuru Kenyattaa. Ruto and Uhuru aren't in good terms and Ruto has been throwing shades at the president in any political gathering he addresses.

In his latest speech, William Ruto narrated how he almost slapped Uhuru Kenyattaa in 2017. According to Ruto Uhuru wanted to give up on the second election after the court nullified the 1st one. Uhuru wanted to go to his Ichweri home and relax. Ruto said he was annoyed and he almost slapped Uhuru Kenyattaa.

Here is the screenshot of the full Information on Facebook.

Ruto was trying to prove that he is the one who made Uhuru Kenyattaa win the 2017 election. Now the president has betrayed him and he is supporting his opponent Raila Odinga who was also there opponent in 2017.

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