Flood Again? See Photos Of What Happened Today In Nasarawa LGA Of Nasarawa State.

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Life has been so difficult and challenges to some people living in this country Nigeria. Everyday we are receiving bad news and how some people are in distress, but I pray that God will have mercy upon his children.

For the past one week now Nasarawa local government area has been in the state of confusion for experiencing flooding first of it kind. Friends it's very important to know that it was last Sunday been 20th September 2020 Nasarawa LGA experienced a heavy rainfall which brought flooding that affected lives, houses and properties.

Inline with the above mentioned statement this article explore another flooding that happened today morning been 26th September 2020 in the same Local government area of Nasarawa State. According to the report many houses and people properties were affected, living them in pain and suffering.

However, from the last incident, the government of Nasarawa State were able to help by sending items and was shared to the affected people, though report has it that the affected people are longer living there again. Some are living with their friends while others with their relations.

Furthermore, today is another flooding again due to heavy rainfall and many houses and properties were also destroyed. I still pleads with the government of Nasarawa State to help the affected areas and the people. May God have mercy on his children.

See more photos below:

Now what do you think Nasarawa State government should do to help Nasarawa LGA for experiences different types of flooding?

Drop your suggestion and share below.

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