7 Hidden Facts About Death


Death is the only thing which cuts the life of a person. It's a stage and nobody can evade this. Death came in after man disappointed God in the garden of eden. God introduced death as away of punishment to people. Because man was created from dust, he will finally go back to dust. Death is so painful that's why it's hard for the family to bear the pain when they lose one of their members. Death separate body and spirit, the body is buried or cremated but about the spirit no one is sure of where it goes. The spirit represents the real characters of the people and we can only say that it joins the spiritual world. There are several facts about death you should be aware of. They include the following;

1.Scientists have found evidence that awareness can continue for at least a few minutes after clinical death.

2. Death is a comfortable process and no straining is experienced during death.

3. On approximately 150000 people dies in everyday. This is equal 104 deaths per minute.

4. Approximate life expectancy of a human being is 2.5 billion seconds long.

5. Just three days after dying, the enzymes that help break down a person’s food begin to eat that person’s body.

6. The current world population represents only 7% of the total of anatomically modern human beings who have ever lived. This is almost 108 billion people.

7. Every minute, 300 million cells die in the human body.

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