Top Politician Reveals Why Ramaphosa's Vaccination Strategy Might End In tears Considering This

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The president of the country Cyril Ramaphosa was expected to come up with the bad news when he address the nation on Saturday. This is all because the country has just discovered one of the variants that are predicted to be the cause of the upcoming fourth wave.

The day where the wave will exist is not yet confirmed as it was predicted that it was postponed during election times and is expected to hit the country during the December period. The president of the country made a lot of precautions which included people being vaccinated as an issue of mandatory might be implemented for people to vaccinate.

A top politician who is known as a pastor and leader of the African Christian Democratic Party Kenneth Meshoa reveals on the issue of people being vaccinated by force will not work. This is because the Constitution of South Africa doesn't allow anyone above the law to take such decisions.

The president has made an awkward announcement to the people when he said that the vaccine jab will be made mandatory. This is to motivate those who haven't been vaccinated to protect themselves and to protect those who are in danger.

Kenneth Meshoa warns the president that he doesn't have any authority to make the vaccine jab mandatory. This is because whatever ramaphosa is doing is violating the individual's right to choose. The issue of vaccine jabs to be done by the force to individual falls upon their decision to do as every person is responsible for their health.

He also revealed that whatever Ramsphosa trying to do cannot be trusted as what his doing is bringing dishonesty within the party. This is because of the alleged agreement he has made with the new world order partners that his benefiting with.

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