Daughters In Trouble For Hiding Mother's Dead Body In The House For 9 Days


Police investigates into the issue of two women who kept their mother's dead body hiding in their apartment till it decomposed

The human body is a complete system with various organs that tend to decompose the moment life process ends in it.

This is the main reason why immediately a person passes on, their body either gets buried within the next few hours or undergoes autopsy a gets deposited in the mortuary for it to be frozen to prevent it from decaying and emiting unpleasant smells.

This is why when a person who lives all alone at home dies unfortunately without people knowing, neighbours around will get to find out as the smell it will produce will attract passers-by to find out what is actually the cause.

An unbelievable information that has had it's surface on most social media platforms tells about how two women managed to live with the corpse of their deceased mother under the same roof without uttering a word to anyone.

Information has it that, people were smelling something Soo badly that they asked the children whether there was something wrong but they remained silent on the issue and answered everything was okay until one day some forcefully entered the apartment to find the body of their mother decomposing.

The police were immediately called and an ambulance ordered to convey the almost completely decomposed body.

The body which was now brought outside attracted Soo many others to the compound to see what was actually happening thereby producing that strong odour.

When asked why they did not inform anyone about their mother's death, one of them responded she was told by the Lord not to inform anyone.

The police will run an investigation through this issue to find everything surrounding the death of this 78-year old woman and why the children did not actually make it know. This incident is likely to have happened in Nigeria due to the accent of the people and the language spoken.

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