4 Reasons Why You Should Never Skip Breakfast


To many people, breakfast is considered the least important meal of the day with people even taking just tea and a snack. On contrary, breakfast is supposed to be the first strong meal of the day because research has shown several benefits of a strong breakfast than any other meal. Breakfast breaks the fasting-night period and replenishes the body with glucose levels for better body alertness. Some of these benefits include: 

Boosting memory and concentration.

Breakfast should restore the body’s glucose level to the optimum by providing essential carbohydrates needed for proper body functioning. According to research, a good breakfast should be taken within the first two hours of waking and should contain at least 20-35% of the daily calories required by the body. With optimum glucose levels, the body is fed with all it requires to improve brain functions and hence boosting concentration and memory. This has been researched to be most effective in children and youth still pursuing studies.

Breakfast decreases food craving during the day.

Eating food with high fiber contents in the morning is decreases the craving for food throughout the day because the stomach is occupied. A 2011 research showed that people who eat strong breakfasts have decreased hunger during the day.

Losing weight.

In research conducted in Europe in 2010, people who ate breakfast had reduced risks of obesity and had healthier BMIs. Also, with less craving for food, the person eats less hence reducing the over intake of calories which causes obesity.

Some of a good breakfast include; Whole grain, Lean protein, Low-dairy fat, Fruits and vegetables

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