Huyu Ashikwe, Angry Kenyans Earsplit A School Bus Driver after He Was Caught Doing Unthinkable-Video

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Residents of Mwingi, Kitui County have been left mouth agape after school bus with people on board drone while trying to cross a flooded road. According to the video shared by Radio Maisha presenter Billy Miya, the driver is seen weighing options before he actually made up his mind to cross.

However, he did not make it to the end, when he reached in the middle of the water, the bus lost balance and drone. What has captured attention of many Kenyans is the fact that the people who were inside the bus were unable to protect their lives from the fact that no single person was able to convince the driver so that they can cross over the bridge on foot.

Here is the link to the video

No casualties have been reported up to now, rescue process has began. However angry Kenyans are demanding that the driver should be held responsible for the accident.

Here are reactions from Kenyans.

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