3 Things The Police Should Do Instead Of Shooting And Arresting End Sars Protesters

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The citizens of Nigeria have decided to make October 20 a memorial day, it is a day of rememberance for the victims of the Endsars protest that happened last year. October 20, 2020, is a day alot of Nigerians can never forget easily. That day caused the death of alot of the peaceful Endsars protesters at the Lekki toll gate.

The Nigerian youths took to the streets again to protest against the death of those killed during the protest, they came out peaceful on foot and in their cars. Sadly the armed forces decided to arrest and even shoot at the protesters. There are actually a few peaceful and better things that the Police or Army Men would have done, instead of arresting and harassing the protesters. Let's take a look at them below;

1. The Police Men would have stood and made sure the protest is peaceful. Since they are aware that the protesters are not with guns or any weapons, they would have stood at a corner and watch everything unfold.

Just like how they stand and watch during the independence day celebration, they would have just stayed at a corner for hours watching the protesters drive pass peacefully. There's absolutely no need for the officers to intervene because they protesters caused no harm. The police should have stood there to maintain law and order.

2. Instead of using guns on the Protesters, the Police would have made use of just tear gas and water. When things like this happen in other countries, the Police do not go ahead and shoot their citizens. The police even try to protect them and disperse them easily.

The police would have used a water canon to spray water on the protesters, or throw just tear gas in other to keep them from causing trouble. This way no lives will be lost and every body would be safe and sound.

3. Instead of arresting the citizens for doing absolutely nothing wrong, they should just let them go and protest peacefully. After all the protest won't even last for days, the Police should have left the youths to protest peacefully and go home.

The armed forces have to understand that the youths are only protesting for their future, they have no plans of causing harm to anybody. The duty of the Police is to protect the citizens of the country and not cause harm to them.

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