3 Medical Conditions Those Above 45 Years Will Likely Suffer From

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As you clock 45 years old, it calls for celebration because you are gradually on your way to old age. It is necessary to be grateful for good health and a happy home you might have built. However, you should remember that being 45 comes with a lot of challenges. This is because the body naturally becomes vulnerable to many diseases.

Your body might not remain as energetic and healthy as it use to be when you're younger so it you must make it a priority to start formulating healthy habits which will help you stay as healthy even as your draw closer to old age. In this article, I'll like to enlighten you about diseases you are more likely to have if you're above 45 years of age according to WebMD

1. Heart disease

This is one of the most common diseases affecting aged people. It usually starts from childhood and then grows worse as you age. In the US about 6.3% of men and 5.6% of women about 40 years have heart disease. The figures increase with age too. Start eating more healthy, exercising and quitting smoking to prevent heart disease

2. Obesity

This does affect nearly 45% of Americans above 40 years. Being overweight increases your of having more than 20 chronic diseases eg stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritis etc as you grow older. This is why people are always advised to maintain a healthy weight to prevent obesity.

3. Osteoporosis

This medical condition weakens the bones of aged people leading to more fractures and injuries. Almost 54 million Americans above 50 years are currently batting from this disease. You can significantly reduce your risk by eating more calcium and vitamin D-rich foods, exercising regularly and carrying weights often

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