Mazigburugburu : an urgent cry for help

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Friends, I come back here to ask for your help to RT till someone sees this. One of my best friends @eobilo and his family have been quarantined at the UCH for suspected corona virus exposure. I have spoken with him. Sadly, the facilities

Are nothing to be proud about even for a premier medical institution like the UCH in Ibadan. The authorities in the hospital seem not prepared even as he assures me that the medical personnel are doing their best. As at 20 minutes ago when we spoke, the place where he was

Kept was in total darkness while ventilation was poor. Now, this is not an attempt to bring down the institution but to simply draw the attention of the authorities to his plight and to get them to immediately get help across. The test result is still being awaited.

I am a believer in the capacity of the @NCDCgov to lead the charge in getting the spread of this pandemic under control.I now call upon them to please extend their expertise to my friend and his family.Please,this is a solemn call for help not an attempt to ridicule your efforts.

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