Kenyan Celebrities Who Joined Music Industry After Being Engaged To Famous Musicians

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1. Diana Marua

Diana Marua was born in 1988 in Migori county , is the wife of gospel singer Kevin Bahati . She earned her popularity after acting as a "bride " on Bahati's song "Mapenzi" and later Bahati introducing her like his prayer partner.

Before she got married to Bahati, Diana was an actress and recently got a new job as the brand ambassador of M Waks Kenya. The Kenyan celebrity has never been engaged in music before the relationship.

However, the lovely lass has surprised the netizens after she has decided to join his husband in music industry.

Diana has gotten the streets talking after making her debut as the newest female rapper in town. With her debut track, ‘Hatutaachana tu’, Diana Marua, who is now referring to herself as Msupa D, revealed the making and inspiration behind this new found interest and journey into the music industry. She said that her husband Kevin Bahati, is the one behind her success in this.

In the new song, Diana sings about her successful marriage amidst claims that she would part ways with her husband. She cites examples of media personalities whose romantic relationships have since failed. Her new song is one of the top trending hits songs in Kenya currently.

2. Tanasha Donna

Tanasha Donna is a Kenyan model, singer, entrepreneur, and beauty influencer. She is among the most infuluencial celebrities in Kenya.

Little was known about her before she got into a relationship with Diamond. She was not picked out of anywhere because she was independent long before she met him. Not only had she been working as a radio presenter but also engaged in several other successful projects.

She was living her life before Diamond Platnumz came her way and swept her off her feet. Even though things did not work out, Tanasha Donna came out of it more popular than when she hooked up with Diamond.

She gained her popularity in Kenyan music industry during her collable with Tanzanian bongo star. Her relationship with Diamond played a great contribution in her success in music. She gained a lot of fame through her relationship with bongo singer.

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