How To Identify A Jealous Person

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Jealousy is caused by low self-esteem poor self- image. It is a state where one is not happy about what the other person because he ore she thinks it was better it his or her.

This could be in the case of successes in business, luck in employment, promotion at work, performance in school, breakthrough financially among others.

The following are ways you can use to identify a jealous person.

1. They are friendly on the outside but bitter in the inside. These people will only in public.

2. They engage in stereotypes and gossips. They're at discussing other people's affairs and spreading propaganda. In most cases they are the source of every gossips simply because they focus on other people's life and not his or her personal life.

3. They think they are better deserve to be in other people's shoes.

4. They are your copycats in disguise.

5. They scrutinize and condemn your intentions.

This people for example only gives a fake smile but behind your back the speak negativity about you and undermine your achievements. They can't be at peace when someone gives you a lavish compliment.

Be aware of such people, try to keep your plan secret from them. They are a sure destiny-killers.

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