Check How Nelson Havi Responded To Prof Makau Mutua's Statement Causing Mixed Reactions

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Kenya Kwanza and Azimio la Umoja are the two biggest challengers in the coming general elections. The Raila and Ruto led coalitions have been facing each other fiercely wanting to show their strengths. Apart from the top leaders attacking each other during the campaigns, the allies to these leaders have also been attacking each other on socal media and during rallies.

A day ago, the political advisor to Raila Odinga's campaigns, Prof Makau Mutua in a statement said that all bad advisors of the should be sacked or they will make the leaders they are advising to fail terribly. Mutua was referring to DP Ruto's advisor.

"Political leaders must fire BAD advisors. Sack them, or be doomed," he said.

Former president of the Law Society of Kenya, Nelson Havi has come out to respond to Mutua's statement. Taking to his Twitter page, Havi asked Mutua where he was writing his letter of resignation from. The tweet implied that Prof Makau Mutua is a bad advisor to Raila and should resign immediately. By resigning, Havi said they would have helped Raila.

"When are you drafting your firing letter? Let us start by helping Baba," Havi responded.

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