Afia Schwar storms police station, films Adu Safowaa and undressed woman in prison cell.


Afia Swarzennerger, a socialite, has been in the spotlight in recent days following an alleged cause of Adu Safowaa's arrest. It's been speculated that Afia initiated the arrest of Adu Safowaa for verbally assaulting her.

As you have heard of already, Afia Swarzennerger claims that Safowaa allegedly referred to her as an HIV patient. As if that wasn't enough, she went to the extent to assert that she(Afia) has infected her ex boyfriend with the virus.

Though, Adu Safowaa has spoken out about the incident asserting that her arrest has got nothing to do with Afia Swarzennerger.

However, a piece of breaking news circulating on social media explains Afia Swarzennerger sneaking into the police station where Safowaa is detained to fight with her.

In a viral video, Afia Swarzennerger could be seen filming Safowaa while in prison. Unfortunately, an inmate in the same cell was mistakenly filmed while undressed. As the quarrel gets more and more intense, Afia Swarzennerger purposefully posted the video online.

Perhaps she aimed at putting Safowaa to shame. We're not oblivious to what extent this socialites can go to increase their popularity. Undoubtedly, Afia has that at the back of her mind.