30 Unedited Photos Of People And Events That You May Not Know Are Real


The impact and import of what the internet has bequeathed to our world may live with us forever. The memories, the experiences, the ability to project things easily, all add up to what our fast paced world is fast becoming. 

These days on the internet, it is difficult to tell if the things we see are for real or not. The impact of Photoshopped images has made things even more difficult. However, this article is designed to bring to you lovely images of creatively taken shots that are captured and rendered in cool pictures. The pictures attached herewith are well timed and naturally beautiful. 

In Antarctica, the views are different

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Take a second look at this picture.

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This is what Sand Dunes looks like in the Desert in Namibia

In Arizona, North Coyote Buttes wave is a sight to behold

Come have a walk on this artistic floor

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Cooling off with a guitar.

A canvas of Hausmannian building Paris and at the time of it's renovation in the year, 2007.

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Do you think this boat is floating in the air?

Ontake volcanic eruption in Japan holds an incredible temple covered in ash

A sitting space for random reflection

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Rooftop tennis is such an interesting stuff

Superman takes off from a plane or a rail?

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Potato snack in a coffee turned into a bird

Alicia Martin's state of the art falling books sculptural work

Look carefully before you give your verdict, it's a nice cycle this life.

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Worlds apart in New York

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Lovely female legs, Mr. Man!

In Bolivia, Salar de Uyuni holds the record as the world’s largest salt flat.

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Hot dogs in a garden.

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You may fall only once and still be saved when you reposition your head

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Nicely captured picture of a beach in Italy

Display of musical talents in a pool.

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Lovely pictures of cherries under water. What an amazing stuff!

A picture of what a volcanic eruption looks like in Iceland.

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This incredible view is captured from the window of a moving plane.

Amazing stuff as flamingos gathered in the shape of an actual flamingo.

What a feeling it gives when you have your partner to give you support

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This leaf looks like a dragon in shadows?

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He brings his 'A' game to the top of his world

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Spider at the centre of a leaf

I trust you enjoyed these views, life can be a whole lot better if we take our time to engage in travels or even leverage on the beautiful exploration of others and their artistic ingenuity. I charge you to always find time to check up on things like this on this especially on this platform

All the best. 

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