Meet The Famous Kenyan Woman Who Earns Her Living Through Riding A Boda-Boda Motorcycle

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Many women have defied the odds in Kenya, because some of them are doing men’s job. Boda-Boda riding is usually done by men, but we have seen some women doing it. We are going a meet a woman by the name of Eunice Otieng, and we are going to see her progress in this business.

1. Eunice Otieng works as boda-boda rider according to Tuko news report.

Eunice works as a boda-boda rider in Busia county, and she is very proud of her Job. She faces many challenges in this job, because almost every boda-boda rider in Busia is a man. She has endures a lot of discrimination from her fellow riders, but she refused to give up.

Eunice Otieng was married to a Busia man several years ago, and they were blessed with one beautiful daughter. They were struggling to survive as a family, because her husband didn’t have enough money to support the family. She was working as a nurse by then, therefore she had some money with her. Her husband decided to borrow loans through her, and she gladly borrowed loans for him.

Her husband later on started cheating on her, therefore she had an affair with another woman. Her husband saw that the loans were so huge, and he decided to leave her in order to be with another woman. Eunice Otieng was left alone by her husband, and her life started crumbling down. She was later chased by he landlord, because she was unable to pay the rent.

She became homeless all of sudden, and she didn’t know what to do. She knew that life had to go on somehow, and she remembered that she had bought a piece of land earlier. She took some money from her locked savings account, and she decided to buy a boda-boda motorcycle.

She ventured into boda- boda business, and she became success in his industry. She never looked back, despite her facing hard time at first in this job. She is working as a boda-boda in the day, and she works as a nurse at night. She got a lot of money from hustle, and she decided to rental houses on her land. She is enjoying the fruit of hard labour today, therefore she servers as an inspiration to many struggling people in Kenya.

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